Analog or digital music which is better? A quote …


Sanju Chiba of ELP Japan, who builds the famous laser turntable for analog records, comments on analog music:

“For me, listening to analog music makes me peaceful and relaxed. […] We cannot say which music is better, digital or analog. Like a tiger and a lion, which is stronger? They are different. Digital music has good portability – anytime, anywhere without noise. Analog music is totally different! Portability is so poor but it has a different value and advantage. Analog means natural, like a conversation, nothing computerised. Music, like a live performance, with singing, is natural. We call it analog. Digital sound quality is haunted to try to come close to analog music. But it will never be better than analog music because sound is a natural thing. Year by year digital sound approaches natural, analog music but never reaches it or will ever be getting above it. Music in vinyl records is more valuable than money that’s why revitalising analog music should be very very important, not only for current people but also for next generations.” Watch the amazing documentary!