I finally have some time to put all these D’Arienzo records I received over the past months into the digital form. They are all in a perfect state. No comparison to the CdT Vol. 26 – 48 compact discs which also cover the years 1957-1975 of the Juan D’Arienzo Orquestra and which I process in parallel. I recognised there are quite some transfer problems on the CdT edition. But, when the transfers are bad on CD you get at least an idea of the song 😉 See the next two sound samples for a comparison. The first one is from CdT and it’s too strong into the bass frequencies and nearly clipping when the whole orchestra is playing which is a challenging moment as the dynamics are quite strong. On the CdT version you get a sort of “sound soup” in these passages and it nearly hurts to listen to it. Also the speed of the CdT is too fast, you get a little Mickey-Mouse-effect on Osvaldo Ramos’s voice. This tango is already quite fast in the original version. Speeding it further up makes it more hysterical and less attractive which is a pitty. The second sample is my transfer from the original LP:

  1. Dímelo Al Oído Juan D’Arienzo : Osvaldo Ramos 1974 CdT 1973-1975 Vol 48
  2. Dímelo Al Oído Juan D’Arienzo : Osvaldo Ramos 1974 LP Interpreta A Francisco Lomuto RCA Víctor AVS-4308

The vinyl records are the original releases with an exceptional sound quality. The full view on the late Juan D’Arienzo recordings can be found in the great illustrated D’Arienzo discography by Johan. So this is a beginning, I hope to get the missing albums soon, some seem to be hard to get, like for instance the EP containing the beautiful version of “Nada más” with Mercedes Serrano …


The records are all issued by the label RCA VICTOR both in a stereo and in a mono version as it has been the transition period towards stereo recordings.

You can zoom into the covers and enjoy the accompanying liner notes:

8 thoughts on “Darienzando

  1. Why you don’t put the audio in ogg? Is better for one free internet like all2al philosophy.

    I don’t use Flash and I can’t listen. Gnash doesn’t works. Fortunately Youtube has a HTML5 with WebM support.

    Think about this. =)

  2. Great collection! I’m not a big fan of late D’Arienzo, but some of the tunes are just fantastic. My favorite is Adios Coco (1972) and Riobamba (1975). For Adios Coco, no commercial CD covers it and the CdT version is not that satisfying. As for Riobamba, I don’t know what RCA Victor did with their transfer, the sound is so thin and it kills the song. Too bad. I would love to hear a good transfer of these two songs one day.

    • Hello Royce,
      Yes indeed the CdT versions are quite unsatisfaying in general. For me it’s just to get an idea of the song, as a preview. On the other hand Rio Bamba seems to be quite OK on the RCA Victor CD transfer “Milonga De Mis Amores 1964-1975”, sounds quite thick and present (CdT’s Rio Bamba is very thin though). Maybe you have an older version?

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