Carlos Di Sarli

Based on my research I have put together a discography of Carlos Di Sarli’s Music-Hall recordings. It’s still a work in progress and based on records which are in my collection. The recording dates which are taken from the later CTA CD edition are very questionable and some aspects of the way the last MH recordings were issued are still unclear. The CTA dates are questionable especially when the release date, which implied a legal deposit of 3 physical records at the national archive, is before the recording date, that’s implausible! I would like to get access to the data of the Music-Hall recording book, and as, they used reel-to-reel tape masters for the recordings, the tape boxes might contain the take info and also the recording dates.

So there might be a chance to get hold of the correct dates if these tapes and boxes have survived. It seems though as if these boxes and the information is lost. If you want to contribute to this document, if you have suggestions or information to share, please mail me.

Carlos Di Sarli Music-Hall Discography in PDF Format



Carlos Di Sarli Music-Hall Discography in CSV Format